Monday, October 2, 2017

Signs of impacted wisdom tooth

Have you been having radiating pain behind your second molars?  Lingering jaw and/or sinus pain?  It's possible you may have a impacted wisdom tooth.  Be sure to read my blog and find out about potential warning signs of an impacted wisdom tooth and its treatment.


  1. I just got all my wisdom tooth removed last week and my lymph nodes under my jaw are still swollen. How long for them to reduce swelling and pain?

  2. I've just read the who information of your blog regarding on having a signs of having an impacted wisdom tooth. These are much useful thing to know for prevention to have this kind of problem.
    Good thing is I have my professional dentist in North Lakes Dentist which I go for some regular check up.

  3. Both of my wisdom teeth can't grow out of my gums and my ears ring, the whole structure of my ear hurts so much I can't even move my head.