Monday, June 9, 2014

Dental Implants of Multiple Teeth

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Multiple Dental Implants


A dental implant, which is also known as an endosseous implant or dental fixture, is a type of dental treatment to replace a single missing tooth.  There are however, times when it may be necessary to replace more than one missing teeth, and multiple dental implants may be a viable treatment solution.


There are times when more than one dental implant may be considered:
  1. There is an existing dental bridge that has failed due to extensive tooth decay or root fracture, and the teeth supporting the bridge needs tooth extraction.  Multiple dental implants may be used to replace the teeth supporting the bridge.
  2. There are multiple missing front teeth, and a long span fixed dental bridge is not desirable as part of conservative dentistry and to prevent over treatment, or when a  partial denture or flipper is not a desired option.
  3. There are more than one missing consecutive posterior / back teeth in a row, and one wants to gain back chewing function of their back teeth.
  4. One is missing all of their teeth, and as part of a comprehensive dental reconstructive program, multiple dental implants may be used to restore the patients smile, form, and give back proper chewing and occlusion.  Such cases may be done by the prosthodontists, dentists who specializes in full mouth rehabilitation scenarios.
  5. One has a denture that is loose, and is not able to be supported well by adhesive or denture relines.  By placing several dental implants, the implant will help anchor the denture in place.
  6. There is severe periodontal disease (gum and bone disease) and more than one teeth have to be extracted due to advanced bone loss and/or gum infection.


You, your dentist, and dental surgeon will discuss together if more than one dental implants are suitable for you.  Factors that need to be considered include medical history, bone width, age, existing conditions and habits that may delay healing (ie. smoking presence, diabetes), conditions that may prolong bleeding (ie. blood disorder), and finances.

If you have any questions or concerns regarding multiple dental implants, the steps and costs involved, please consult with your family dentist.
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