Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Summer 2013 has started in full swing!

Summer has started in full swing, and it's plenty sunny (and even hot!) in the Pacific Northwest.  Be sure to stay cool and keep hydrated at all times.  Drink plenty of water, lots of sunscreen, and be on the look out for the family pet as well.  And keep little ones close, pets on the leash, and heed traffic and pedestrian signs when possible.

Also with more outdoor activities, be on the look out for increased automobile and foot traffic.  With increased traffic comes increased physical activities.  Something to watch out for is for trauma to the face and teeth.  Lip and teeth injuries may occur during sports such as football, basketball, and baseball.  And as such, be sure to wear a sportsguard to help protect your teeth from fractures and trauma.  One can consider a sportsguard bought from an athletic store such as Sports Authority.  Sometimes store bought sportsguards may not have an ideal fit, so your dentist be able to custom fabricate one for you in the office.

Be sure to ask your local dentist if you have any questions on sportsguards and ways to protect your teeth while doing physical activities.

Stay safe everyone!

From your Bellevue dentist and Redmond family dentist at Bellevue Family Dentistry,
Peter Chien, DMD
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